Teaching as if Learning Matters: Pedagogies of Becoming by Next-Generation Faculty

Jennifer Meta Robinson, Valerie Dean O’Loughlin, Katherine Kearns, and Laura Plummer, editors (2022, Indiana University Press)

book cover: overhead picture of five college students sitting at a round table with their laptops, books, papers.

Appreciating and Caring for Our Communities of Practice in Educational Development

Christopher V.H-H. Chen, Katherine Kearns, Lynn Eaton, Darren S. Hoffmann, Denise Leonard, and Martin Samuels (2022, To Improve the Academy, 41(1): 121-150.

Teaching Graduate Students to Use Discipline-Specific, Evidence-Based Practices: Terms, Practices, and Opportunities.

Katherine Kearns (2021, in Joanna Gilmore and Molly Hatcher (eds.), Preparing for College and University Teaching: Competencies for Graduate and Professional Students, pp. 158-175. Stylus.) 

book cover for Preparing for College and University Teaching. Abstract, pastel watercolors, title of book in a circle

Benefits of a multi-institutional, hybrid approach to teaching course design for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and leaders 

Darren Hoffmann, Katherine Kearns, Karen Bovenmyer, W.F. Preston Cumming, Leslie Drane, Madeleine Gonin, Lisa Kelly,Lisa Rohde, Shabnum Tabassum, and Ryan Blay (2021,Teaching and Learning Inquiry, 9(1): 218-224) 

Intersectional approaches to teaching about privileges. 

Shadia Siliman and Katherine Kearns (2020, Radical Teacher, 116 (Winter 2020): 47-54) 

Transgressive Learning Communities: Transformative Spaces for Underprivileged, Underserved, and Historically Underrepresented Graduate Students at Their Institutions

Leslie Drane, Jordan Lynton, Yari Cruz-Rios, Elizabeth Malouchos, and Katherine Kearns (2019. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 7(2)). 

The Graduate Course in College Pedagogy: Survey of Instructors of College Pedagogy in the United States and Canada.

Jennifer Meta Robinson, Valerie Dean O’Loughlin, Katherine D. Kearns, and Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin. (2019, College Teaching 67(2): 109-119). 

Using scaffolding and deliberate practice to improve abstract writing in an introductory biology laboratory course

Natalie Christian and Katherine Kearns. (2018, J. Microbiol. Biol. Educ. 19(2)) 

“Once a Scientist…”: Disciplinary Approaches and Intellectual Dexterity in Educational Development

Katherine Kearns, Molly Hatcher, Mara Bollard, Michele DiPietro, Devon Donohue-Bergeler, Leslie E Drane, Elizabeth Luoma, Andrew E Phuong, Laura Thain, and Mary Wright. (2018, To Improve the Academy 37(1): 128-141). 

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