I write about these personal interests and hobbies in my blog. Happy reading!


The beach and hiking, those are two of my favorite things, where I find inner quiet and grounding. I try to make it to Tybee Island, Georgia for a week vacation every year. And when I can’t get to the ocean, I head to Lake Monroe in Bloomington.


Yes, I have tattoos and they are often visible at work. As I write this (Jan 2022), I have four of them, two on each arm. I got my first one, a peacock, in late 2019. I also have tattoos of a sea turtle, a crab apple blossom, and a symbol for Artemis.


I do a lot of that outdoors stuff – beach and hiking – with my partner and son. We have two cats, Marvin and Lennie, who arrived after our off-the-streets rescue, Erma, disappeared.

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