An adult cicada with wings takes the most of the image. The bug and wings have brown, gold, and green stripes. The cracks in the road have sand in them. There's a diagonal crack running from the left to top right of the image.
Cicada on the road on Tybee Island

You know how, when a crayfish molts,

It’s new skin is kind of translucent white?

A little soft.



Like all those Brood X,

Larvae hanging off the oak tree bark,

White wings unfurling from a pale yellow body.

Now feels like that.




beach at the bottom, dune with grass on the right. An orange sun just about the sand.
Sunrise on Tybee

Dear reader:

These words sprinted from my brain to my thumbs while I was texting with a friend. It comes two days after I had a panic attack in the shower. That panic attack occurred the day after I returned to my office from a two month leave of absence. This kind of creative, artistic streak sometimes happens as my whole body, mind, and spirit untangle from the flood of overwhelming anxiety.

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