Drawn to the light

a woman in shorts and t-shirt standing in front of a short stone wall. There's a canyon behind her and colorful trees. There's a book bag at her feet.

I have about six ideas for posts that I want to write, posts which will probably incorporate some measure of grief, bittersweet, pain – both physical and emotional, worry, and other socially uncomfortable experiences and feelings.

Right now, just for today, I want to share some of the simple, beautiful, stunning, transcendent, and joyful things that I’ve experienced in the midst of these trials. I hope you’ll feel welcome to enjoy these moments, too.

  1. Camping with my son at Creepy Clifty Campsite last weekend. A new and mildly challenging adventure for just the two of us, especially while I hobble with two dislocated toes. We saw two bobcats just south of Lake Monroe. We ate naked pan-fired hot dogs. And we laughed and laughed at this sign: “Rebellion is witchcraft.” Sounds ok to me.
a campsite at night. There's a tent on the left and a red car on the right. The photo is taken from behind someone with a flashlight shining into the woods.

2. The steamed milk bear on top of my latte. I got this drink while meeting with an elder in our community about their life as an ecologist and then pastor.

a mug on a saucer filled with caramel colored latte. There's a foam image of a bear on top. The mug sits on a wood table.

3. Sunrise on 17th Street after I drop my son off at middle school. It’s dark when we leave now, and I like getting that extra little time with him in the car. Mostly we listen to music.

the sky in the morning, with thin clouds it in yellow, orange, and red. There are telephone lines on the right, and a car at the bottom

4. The collage about the sea I made during a mindfulness workshop for graduate students on Friday.

a mixed print media collage of images and text. "Indulge thyself." "as much fun as all outdoors." "Wild." "the pleasure is back." "Beauty." "Have a spring fling with a straw hat." "Sea." "Hey, hot lips." "Splash."

5. A gingko tree in my neighborhood with bright yellow leaves in fall.

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